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Who Needs a Monster Bath?

Spooky Bath Bombs

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"Wow that smells good."
"What’s in that?"
"Smell that, I can’t stop smelling it!"
"Do you have other things in that scent?"
LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE IT!!! Smells Great! Better than anything you buy at store. Thank You. So much. 
~ Bobbi - purchased Feb 2021
Best smelling deodorant I've ever tried, will be using this only from now on!
~ JM  - purchased Jan 2021
Amazing wake up factor, you will love it!! Smells like a candy cane and does a super hydrating wake up scrub. 
~Lisa purchased Dec 2020
Feeling smooth
I really like the smell and it absorbed very well and left my hands feeling much better hydrated and soft
~Phyllis purchased Feb 2021