Naturally Modern
We are passionate about fabulous daily use personal care and skin care products.
We thoughtfully select the best natural and modern ingredients
to create safe, effective, delightful experiences for our customers.
Why do we use materials that are close to their natural state?
Because we think they smell and work in a way that makes skin feel and look amazing.
We believe formulas grounded in natural butters and oils set the foundation for beautiful skin that is easy to maintain and feels wonderful.
We believe the thoughtful selection of ingredients supports a healthy planet Earth.  We became USDA certified so we could be a part of maintaining the chain of integrity of the natural materials in our products.
What is important about "modern"?
Humans keep inventing technology to make our lives better, safer, and longer, and to make the world's resources more accessible to our densely populated cities.
Supplying an urban population presents challenges for ingredient safety and product longevity never before experienced in human history.
The challenges and solutions are not always obvious.
Water becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other creatures in a very short time.  This pronounceable ingredient is not safe within days of manufacture.
Softer oils or delicate botanicals are ruined by temperature changes and break down over time.  Damaged unprocessed pronounceable ingredients can create an unusable product.
Any product with water or an ingredient that contains water (juices, extracts, plant matter) must include a (usually unpronounceable) preservative system. 
More highly processed extractions of natural ingredients (unpronounceable) can help make products more durable or more effective at a lower cost.
Nature identical synthetics (unpronounceable) can have lower environmental impact than harvesting the natural alternative.
Manufacturers will never stop trying to solve these problems while making a profit, even if it means lowering quality, cutting corners, or being irresponsible to the environment.
How can I make a difference?
Being a consumer sometimes feels like a powerless position.
In the short term, this is probably true.  
We must get on with our lives even if the products on the shelf in the store don't really meet our expectations.  
In the longer term, consumers are actually able to dictate what is available to buy.
If this seems unbelievable, just ask any marketing or advertising professional.
Each individual choice of a particular product is a vote for the innovations and side effects of the solutions represented in the product.
If we each cast our vote for the best products we can afford at any given time, the lower quality choices will eventually be replaced.
The process of upgrading our supplies takes time, effort, and thoughtfulness.
As modern consumers, we don’t have to spend time farming any more. 
Instead, we need to spend time understanding the impact of our technology on the earth and ourselves.
This is a small price to pay for the preservation of our beloved world.
How is Blossom to Bath "Naturally Modern"?
Our products feature a large percentage of ingredients that are minimally processed.
We choose plant or mineral based ingredients because we like how they perform.
When it is necessary to include synthetics, we balance safety, cost, what our customers say they want, and low environmental impact.
We disclose all the ingredients in our products along with their uses and sources to support you in making your best choice.

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