What is Flowersong - Our Philosophy

Respect.  Vision.  Progress. 

We strive to offer products developed according to a vision that results in progress with respect.


The natural world is a vast treasure and is the source and enabler of human existence.  It is a complex system of which we are a part.  We are responsible for maintaining the balance of the system while we benefit from its richness.


Humans are endowed with an insatiable scientific curiosity, boundless creativity, the capacity for intelligent reasoning, and the power to invoke awe inspiring faith and passion.  These are quite literally, forces of nature. While some of these forces may seem to be at odds, taken together they form a unique and balanced suite of talents.  They are the tools we have at our disposal to set productive, responsible, and beneficial goals.  Our pursuit of a sustainable and harmonious vision for human existence on this planet must use ALL of the tools available to us.


Science is the discovery of the nature of Nature.  Without the existence of natural substances, laws of physics, etc, there would be no science, since there would be nothing for science to examine or explain!  As we discover new ways to employ the resources of nature through science, we are able to make progress toward conquering human suffering and hardship, adapting to our changing environment, expanding our knowledge, and living in peace.