Vetiver Lime

A bouncy fresh scent that brightens up your day.

Essential Oils:   Geranium    Lime     Vetiver   Cedarwood

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This combination results in a energized, balanced feeling.  It is the perfect launching pad when you want to make it a great day!

Fragrance Notes

This fragrance is actually a combination of Geranium and Lime that is lively but not sweet or fruity. The Geranium is very crisp and green that combines with the fresh citrus of lime to form a uniquely bright fragrance with hints of vanilla. 

Both of these oils are known for their ability to motivate the skin to refresh itself.  Geranium is popular for its anti-oxidant benefits and lime is a common astringent in bath and body products.  It is the ultimate skin toning and refreshing combination.

The scents of both are on the herbal side of their categories.  

Geranium, while sometimes used as a substitute for rose because of the richness of its fragrance, is about the most herbaceous floral you will find.  Geranium oil comes from the leaves of the plant, so it is not actually floral.

The Lime is a sharp citrus. Lime essential oil is usually extracted from the peel, so it has a green component to it that puts it towards the herbal end of the  fruity scale.  Lime adds a bright touch to the entire combination to make a scent that appeals to both men and women. 

Both of these oils are strong scents out of the bottle. When they are combined, the result is a crisp, refreshing scent that brings a bit of herbal excitement to your clean routine.


The overlapping of herbal qualities while contributing the aromatherapy elements unique to each oil is the key to this blend's appeal.

Skin Benefits

The astringent properties of both the Geranium and Lime essential oils are skin clarifying and refreshing.   This fragrance is often requested in after shave form by men who use the soap and enjoy the herbal lime aroma. Both of these oils are also antiseptic and antibacterial, so they are great for skin that is prone to acne.  The glycerin in handmade soap plus the moisturizing vegetable oils in our soap recipe are a great combination with this toning essential oil blend to give skin a healthy, energized glow.  

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