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Vanilla Black Currant Natural Scented Oil (.5 ounce) - Natural Fragrance

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Vanilla Black Currant
Natural Scented Oil

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Product Overview

Vanilla Black Currant Natural Scented Oil is a concentrated natural fragrance that fills your surroundings with a sensuous berry scent.

Looking for deep fruity scented natural fragrance products?

Use the sensuous berry scented oil in a diffuser or your favorite scent dispersing gear. A little goes a long way with our undiluted natural fragrances which are never cut with carrier oil. Formulated by professional perfumers and free from synthetic components, you can get the deep fruity fragrances you love to enrich your personal atmosphere.

Pure luxury fragrance to scent your home and personal space.

Luxury scented natural fragrances are guaranteed to have only natural fragrances. The extra care taken to ensure the pristine condition of the sensuous berry fragrance is an indulgence you can feel good about.

Vanilla Black Currant Natural Scented Oil
  • Fragrance for any environment All natural fragrance - No fillers, additives, carrier oils, or preservatives, is phthalate free and paraben free
  • Amazing scents artisan crafted for any mood or occasion
  • Resealable vials are portable and convenient
  • Make your own - Great for making soaps, lotions, scrubs, candles, potpourri, custom perfumes
  • Deep fruity sweetness - a sensuous rich berry scent with a hint of vanilla and a twist of freshness. Premium fragrance made with the best natural oils and extracts, no synthetic ingredients. Natural Fragrance

Rich Berry and Vanilla (Natural Fragrance)

A sensuous rich berry scent with a hint of vanilla and a twist of freshness.

Using Scented Oils

Use in a diffuser for room fragrancing, on a cotton ball for personal space fragrance, or in a potpourri arrangement.

Extend your favorite fragrance into the rooms of your home or office. Use these oils to refresh your enjoyment of the scent you love in the bath. Fragrance is a powerful memory trigger, and reinforcing the scent that was present at the start of the new day is an emotional recharge for our mind and attitude.


Fragrance (Natural Fragrance).

About the Ingredients

Each vial contains the undiluted fragrances that are used in our bath and body products.

Vanilla Black Currant Fragrance


(No reviews yet) Write a Review