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Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange Oil


Botanical Name: Citrus Sinensis

Sweet Orange Oil Technical Information


Orange is a favorite scent with children and adults, it is cheerful and uplifting. Most citrus oils are cold pressed, which lends a full bodied fragrance that is mouth watering. Steam distilled versions are more delicate and highly sweet.

Non-therapeutic Uses:

Can be found in cleaning products and commercial air fresheners. Used for flavoring everything from soda and candy to jellies and salad dressing.

Fragrance Family:  Citrus
Perfumery Note: Top

Fragrance Description: 

An intense smell of orange, a very concentrated version of orange peel.

Jen’s blending notes:

Orange blends well with other citrus oils, especially grapefruit where it takes the sour edge off. Citrus oils are sensitizing in sunlight, so using it for leave on products must be done with care.

Jen’s soapmaking notes:

Citrus oils will burn off quickly in high heat, so soaping at a low temperature is recommended. Be sure to use enough that the scent is notable, low quantities will result in that household cleaner smell.


No affect on trace, slows it down, if anything.

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