Is the way to your heart is through decadent indulgent aromas?

Enjoy a mouth watering feast of rich vanilla and other sweet treats

Caramel MacchiatoCaramel Macchiato
Can't get enough sweet rich caramel coffee deliciousness?

Add a gourmet coffee experience to your body care menu

Cinnamon PumpkinCinnamon Pumpkin
Love the Cinnamon Pumpkin side of life?

Indulge in cheerfully sweet vanilla with just a hint of spice

Dirty ChaiDirty Chai
Are you addicted to jolts of energizing spice?

Be invigorated by exotic aromatics layered on rich espresso

Eucalyptus LemongrassEucalyptus Lemongrass
Love a fresh herbal clean that leaves a lingering sweetness?

Awaken your senses with an uplifting aroma of clarifying positive energy

Hot FudgeHot Fudge
Are you a card carrying choco-holic?

This scent will help you "be the brownie" all day long

Lavender MintLavender Mint
Adding a "chill vibe" to your day?

Find the sweet spot with this cheerfully relaxing combination

Mocha LatteMocha Latte
Is a warm chocolate coffee your go-to reward?

Discover a skin loving treat rich in mocha delights

Peppermint Mocha LattePeppermint Mocha Latte
Love your mocha with a jolt of sweet freshness?

Charge up the happiness with this refreshing decadent delight

Vanilla LatteVanilla Latte
Is a trip to your local barista your chosen form of self-pampering?

Indulge your love of the latte with sweet vanilla in a bed of rich coffee

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