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Soap for Men

bootwash100.jpgClean doesn't have to make you smell like a girl.  

Our natural vegetable oil formula is perfect for men who know that good choices about what they use in the shower is common sense skin care.

Keep it Light

Lime based scents are great for keeping the mood light.  Our lime and tangerine based soaps are perfect for your refreshing view on life!

EverLime (beer soap)
Sunny Citrus
Honey Oatmeal (fragrance free)

The Great Outdoors

Sometimes you just gotta get oustide. Or, you can bring the outside in with one of our woodsy fragrances.

Soul of the Forest ( in beer soap also)
North Country Meadow

Man of Mystery

Patchouli is an earthy spicy fragrance that is deep and soulful.  Keep the mystery alive with one of these sophisticated scents.

Peppermint Patch (beer soap)
Happy Hippie
Retro Lime (beer soap)

Traditional Values

The standards that never go out of style, Jasmine is the king of flowers and Lavender is maximum natural skin care. These are two of the most powerful floral fragrances that exist.

Lavender (in beer soap also)
Lavender Mint