Rosemary Fragrance

Refreshment from the herb garden any time.

Essential Oils:   Rosemary

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Rosemary is known for its astringent qualities, so this bar is great for cleansing oily or combination skin without drying.


Full of vigorous energy, rosemary is also a thought clearing aid to concentration. This is a great benefit for the times when we need to take on the world!

Fragrance Notes

Uplifting and refreshing Rosemary provides an herbal essence that invigorates your senses.   This is one of the scents that truly brings the outdoors inside. The rosemary oil we have selected is from Spain and is a balance of herbal greenery and camphor freshness.  

The mild, refreshing scent of Rosemary is a very popular alternative to sweet floral fragrances.  

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