Patchouli Citrus

A happy scent like a smile waiting to happen.

Essential Oils:   Tangerine   Lime   Patchouli

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This light and fanciful blend is made of cheerful citrus with just a touch of earthiness for body.  

Fragrance Notes

All the character of the intense tangerine and crisp green lime are supported by the warmer notes from the patchouli. It is a delightfully light hearted scent.


Energizing citrus blends with sultry patchouli to form a partnership that promotes a happy energy and a positive outlook.

Skin Benefits

This triple benefit combination nourishes, tones, and calms skin skin to leave a luxurious feel to the skin.  Tangerine oil, rich in vitamins like Vitamins A and C and beta-carotene, is a natural alternative to chemical versions of these nutrients for your skin.  It promotes balance and tones the skin. Lime is a wonderful astringent and refreshing toner for skin. Patchouli oil is a thick syrup that is used for its skin calming properties in many bath preparations.