Organic Whipped Body Butter

Organic Whipped Body Butter

Patchouli Organic Whipped Body Butter
Organic Whipped Body Butter
Want to drench your skin in luxurious natural moisture while being certain to protect the planet as well?

This decadent 3 butter combination is an organic immersion for your skin

Replenish and soften dry skin with lasting, deep moisture retention. Made with a decadent trio of raw organic butters and oils

Body Butter is richer than a regular body lotion, since it is made up purely of butters and oils.  It has no water, which is a primary ingredient in normal, thinner lotions. Whipped Body Butter is lightweight and spreads easily, melting as it is applied so that it feels creamy and goes on smoothly. A very small amount is used, and the oils and butters to soak directly into the skin.

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