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Naturally Modern

We are passionate about fabulous daily-use skin care products that are made from the best ingredients available.

Our products feature a large percentage of ingredients that are minimally processed.  Why do we like to use materials that are close to their natural state? Because we think they smell, feel, and work in a way that makes skin feel and look amazing.  We believe formulas grounded in natural butters and oils set the foundation for beautiful skin that is easy to maintain and feels wonderful. 


Don’t get me wrong, synthetics are useful, increasing safety and stability and lengthening the life of certain types of products – especially those containing water.  We use certain synthetics because they work and add convenience that most people expect in modern cosmetics.  Some synthetics create a specific experience that add fun to the bath. 

We offer a range of products using natural and synthetic ingredients - from USDA Certified Organic Whipped Body Butters  scented with delicious essential oils 


to popular Bubble Bars with dreamy scents and colors.  In addition to essential oil blends, we offer a wide variety of fragrances created by professional perfume houses specifically for use in skin care products.  

We always read the labels on the products we buy, so all our ingredients are listed on our web site and product labels, even when it is not required as in our handmade soap. Most of our products are vegan friendly. 

We hope you find the best of natural and modern in our products!


When sourcing our ingredients, sustainable sources are always selected when available. We purchase Organic when it is available in bulk quantities. We rely on a small set of reliable, proven suppliers to deliver cost effective, high quality products from around the world.


Flowersong Soap Studio can be found in select shops, craft shows, street fairs in the metropolitan Phoenix area and on 

Flowersong Soap Studio was founded in 2015 as a part time effort and became a full-time operation in July 2016. Organic Certification was obtained in August 2017. 

Our Founder

The founder of Blossom to Bath is Jennifer O’Farrell, born in Yonkers and raised in Brewster NY, but a long time Phoenix AZ resident. Like many other Americans, and especially native NYer's with family still in the area, the events of 9/11 were life changing. Many Americans were compelled to wonder would happen if the crisp, efficient, modern life we knew was suddenly disrupted by a more successful campaign of violence against the United States. After all, many of our brothers and sisters all over the world live with this kind of fear daily and in much more threatening situations.

What if life as we know it suddenly changed, and all the "high tech" became useless. How would we get the things we need? Especially necessities that we buy without thinking about it, like soap.  Our founder became intent on learning the craft of soapmaking, and in the process, opened to a world of skin care wellness, the natural products industry, and the importance of stewardship of natural resources.

Flowersong is Jen’s second handmade bath and body products company, and her fourth business overall. Her formal education includes a business undergraduate degree and an MBA. She spent 3 decades in software development and technical project management.