Melting Body Balm Gallery


Love the richness of an oil based moisturizer but hate the greasy feel?  Don't like the waxy feel of beeswax based lotion bar or emulsified butters?  

Melting Body Balm

Our Melting Body Balm formula is made up of 3 vegetable oils and a touch of arrowroot powder.  The combination of butters and oils are solid at room temperature but melt to the touch and are absorbed as quickly as a rich water based body butter or heavy skin cream.  

How It Works

Since it is solid in the jar, the amount you use is very easy to control, unlike pouring an oil.  However, as soon as the balm touches your skin, it tranforms into an oil and spreads smoothly and soaks in completely.  You can pick up your coffee cup right after applying this balm and not worry about it being slippery or leaving an oil slick.

Your skin is left dewy and moisturized, but not shiny or greasy.  Only a tiny bit is needed to supply moisture all over.  One ounce supplies the equivalent of 2 weeks of once daily all over moisturizing of a typical water based cream or body butter.

How to use Melting Body Balm

Starting Out with a clean arm

 MeltingBodyButter/1 - StartCleanArm.jpg

And clean hands

 MeltingBodyButter/2 - StartCleanHand.jpg

Swipe a tiny bit off the jar of semi-solid balm

 MeltingBodyButter/3 - DabOnFinger.jpg

It's a balm

 MeltingBodyButter/4 - ItsAButter.jpg

Smooth on skin

 MeltingBodyButter/5 - SmoothOnSking.jpg

It's an oil!

 MeltingBodyButter/6 - ItsAnOil.jpg

give it 3 or 4 rubs and it is all soaked in - moisturized arm, hands not an oil slick

 MeltingBodyButter/7 - Rub2-3-4-AllSoakedIn.jpg