Lavender Peru

A down to earth fragrance with a positive attitude.

Essential Oils:   Lavender  Geranium  Balsam Peru

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A full bodied herbal with a hint of smooth sweetness - this fragrance is a very complex, earthy-herbal scent.  It is intense but with some sweetness, like a rich dessert that is not intended to be overpoweringly confectious. 

Although the plants that yield balsam oil do flower, this fragrance earned the title based on the balsamic characteristics of the blend.  Looking at the list of ingredients, it seems that it is a floral fragrance, when actually, it is quite herbal.


It is a VERY relaxing and mood stabilizing blend, as all of these essential oils are regarded as calming and promoting positivity and peacefulness.

Fragrance Notes

From a perfumery perspective - the essential oils come from a disparate set of fragrance families - earthy, floral, and herbaceous, but overlap to form a mosaic of tones that are pleasing and cheerful. The combination is intricate and interesting without being too ornate or flowery. 

Skin Benefits

Balsam Peru is not one of the mainstream essential oils talked about today. However, in the areas where the Balsam trees grow in Central America, the sap of the balsam trees was an old time household staple. It was used in first aid and for beauty treatments for eruiptions and irritations of the skin.  The oil was listed in medical pharmacopias for skin issues until the modern age of healing medicine.  

Lavender is used today as an aid to cleansing and for its wonderful fragrance.  In the past, lavender was also known to be useful for skin issues and in regions where it grows in abundance, local healers relied on lavender's many benefits.

Finally, Geranium is known for its clarifying properties, opening the door for regeneration and refreshment so that the natural beauty of skin is revealed.