Lavender - Organic

Classic clean, relaxing lavender handmade soap and bath bombs   

Essential Oils:     Lavender

lavender.jpgTake a walk through a field of blooming flowers without even leaving the house!  Lavender is a known to be a fresh fragrance that is both relaxing and comforting.  Many people use it on their sheets to promote a restful night.

Lavender has been in use for centuries in daily life.  Not just for bath products, but for cleaning, deodorizing, perfumery, first aid, and flavoring. Fun fact: Lavender shortbread is actually quite delicious!  There is a wide assortment of lavender varieties, each with their own personality - the "terroir" of Lavender is well known in the perfume industry.


Soothing lavender is a standard aromatherapy tool to promote rest, calmness, and peace.

Fragrance Notes

The Bulgarian Lavender used in our products is bright and slightly herbal.  It is a hearty fragrance, not so floral as the more delicate types of lavender.  It stands up to soap making and steamy conditions and delivers the full lavender experience.   

Lavender is a fragrance that is so unique, it is hard to describe.  In the oil I have in the shop, there is a powder-y character that contains freshness - like clean sheets. Of course sweet flowers is a major influence in the fragrance.  But the herbal component that is almost savory is the backbone of the scent and holds together the other aspects.  

Regardless of how you describe Lavender, it is one of the most useful oils and is loved and well known all over the world.

Skin Benefits

Lavender is used to sooth skin and reduce inflammation.  It is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  This oil is gentle enough to be used "neat" or undiluted. Our lavender soap contains the most essential oil density of all our soaps due to the goodness that lavender brings to the skin.


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