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Lavender Mint - Organic

Lavender Mint - Organic

Lavender wtih ZING!!!  A cheerfully relaxing combination.   

Essential Oils:    Lavender   Peppermint 


The emotion evoked by this blend is a happy contentment. Soothing lavender and balsam peru meet emotionally refreshing peppermint to set your mind at ease in an uplifting way.

Fragrance Notes

Relaxing Lavender meets peppy Peppermint pulled together in a base of rich vanilla-like sweetness from Balsam Peru. The complex blend of Lavender, Balsam Peru, and Peppermint would make an excellent meringue cookies, caramel candy, or ice cream. In fact, the emotion evoked by this blend is a happy contentment. The flowery aspects of Lavender are understated in this blend due to the Balsam Peru that accentuates herbal notes over floral ones.  Even Peppermint is at its sweet and full bodied best in the presence of Balsam Peru. 

Skin Benefits

Balsam Peru oil is found in many commercial and hand made skin preparations on the market today.  In historical use, it was a common ingredient in the apothecary stores of the people of Central America where this particular balsam tree grows.  The soothing, balm-like attributes of Lavender are an added kick of skin benefit.  Peppermint tops the treatment with toning and refreshing effects.  

The combination is both refreshing and soothing at the same time. After using a Lavender Mint product, you will have skin and a smile that look like a million bucks!


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