Lavender Forest

Immerse yourself in a pine forest meadow.

Essential Oils:    Lavender   Cedar   Spruce

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The floral in this intoxicatingly woodsy fragrance blend is subtle but effective.  If you have ever been in a pine forest meadow in springtime, this fragrance is just like that.  You can picture the trees that own the woods, and the flowers that decorate it.  


Soothing lavender and grounding, calming spruce make a perfect soft atmosphere for the effects of dreamy, intoxicating cedar.  This is a powerfully earthy and intense blend.

Fragrance Notes

Taking advantage of the elegant combination created by Cedar and Spruce, the addition of Lavender lends a flowery aspect that captures the essence of a meadow deep in a pine forest very well.  Thanks to the dreamy, spiritual nature of Cedar, it requires little effort to close your eyes and picture yourself in a deep claw foot tub in the middle of a field of flowers in a pine forest clearing.  

Skin Benefits

Spruce, which is extracted from the needles of the tree, is an astringent and has cleansing and toning properties. Woody Cedar comes straight from the meat of the tree, and brings with it all the power and mystery of the giant forest where it grows. Lavender, known the world over for its relaxing an calming benefits, is also a wonderful skin soother and softener. 





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