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Heart Chakra Inhaler (Each) - Pure Essential Oil Fragrance

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Heart Chakra

Product Overview

Heart Chakra Inhaler is a portable aromatherapy inhaler that is your own personal aromatherapy session with a loving energy balancing scent.

Looking for enthusiastically sweet scented aromatherapy inhaler products?

Convenient personal aromatherapy - easy to use, travels anywhere.

Specially formulated enthusiastically sweet aromatherapy inhalers are guaranteed to have only pure essential oil fragrances. The extra care taken to ensure the pristine condition of the loving energy balancing fragrance is an indulgence you can feel good about.

Heart Chakra Inhaler
  • Convenient aromatherapy - No equipment required, easy to carry, does not disturb others or scent the environment
  • Sealed container lasts and stays fresh indefinitely
  • You choose the strength - Inhale deeply for more fragrance or less deeply for a milder effect
  • A honeyed blend that is deeply connected to the positive loving energy of the Heart Chakra. Made with essential oils of Sweet Orange, Geranium, Frankincense, no synthetic ingredients. Pure Essential Oil Fragrance

Magical Loving Energy Scent (Pure Essential Oil Fragrance)

Sweet Orange and Geranium create a honeyed blend of fruit and flowers that gets its magical energy from sophisticated Frankincense. Enthusiastically sweet, this blend is deeply connected to the positive loving energy of the Heart Chakra.


Fragrance (Sweet Orange Oil* AND Geranium Oil* AND Frankincense Oil).*Organic Ingredient

Boswellia Carteri (Frankincense) Oil
Frankincense has been used as a beautifying oil for centuries and promotes hydration.
EWG: 1
Tangerine Oil
Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Oil
EWG: 4


(No reviews yet) Write a Review