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Hazardous Material Shipping

Certain items are considered hazardous materials by the domestic carriers and must be shipped via ground.  

Hazardous items will ship ground regardless of the shipping method selected during checkout.  

If expedited shipping was selected during checkout, the order will be placed on hold for 24 hours while an attempt is made to resolve the shipping method.  An email will be sent with the option to do one of the following:

  1. cancel the hazardous item for a full refund
  2. split the shipment and pay a separate shipping charge for hazardous items
  3. elect to ship the entire order ground and expedited shipping charges will be refunded

If no election is made by the customer in 24 hours, the order will ship ground and any expedited shipping charges will be refunded.

The following items are currently considered hazardous materials:

Perfume Spray - Class 3 package group II Flammable Liquid, ORM-D Consumer Commodity - no domestic air transport allowed, USPS International shipping prohibited