Happy Hippie - Organic

A refreshing herbal fragrance that elevates your mood and your perspective. 

Essential Oils:    Rosemary   Lemongrass   Patchouli

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The combination of rosemary and lemongrass is a unique herbal and earthy uplifting fragrance that gets a shot of spiritual spice from patchouli.  This combination is a work-horse of mood lifting, skin conditioning, earth loving good vibes.  Spend some time getting in touch with spirit, nature, and wonderfully diverse aromas in this charismatic blend.  Right on.


The oils in this blend are well matched in strength and character.  The combination of savory, grassy, and woodsy undertones to these primarily herbal fragrances makes a complex combination. It is packed with herbal goodness.  This fragrance is very popular with men and women both.  It is full of life and is wonderfully centering and grounding. The resulting experience is one of cheerful, down to earth, connected good spirits.

Fragrance Notes

Rosemary and Lemongrass are a pair of fragrances that seem to be intended for each other.  Both are herbal at their core, but the unique elements of each complements the other superbly.  Lemongrass, with its rich sweetness and grassy tones steps up to the clean and camphorous notes of Rosemary to create a new unit of fragrance that is pleasing and balanced.  In the Happy Hippie blend, spicy, earthy Patchouli has been used as a background for this herbal symphony of scent.  Rosemary brings an air of lightness to the more serious tones of Patchouli spice and Lemongrass herb, while still retaining a savory dignity that is a favorite characteristic of Rosemary lovers.  

Skin Benefits

Lemongrass and Patchouli are both known for their skin loving qualities.  Patchouli is a common ingredient in preparations used for beauty and moisturizing of the skin. Lemongrass soothes and balances the skin, bringing a calming and cleansing action.  Finally, Rosemary provides a finishing touch of toning and refreshment.  

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