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Castile Soap - Pure Olive Oil Handmade Soap

Experience delicious silky bubbles from this 100% Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil recipe that gently cleanse and leave skin soft and smooth

Searching for a pure olive oil based soap? Hatun Olive Oil Castile Soap is a pure pure olive oil soap that cleanses gently.

Benefit of Natural Soap

Natural soap gently cleanses without stripping or stressing skin. The use of vegetable oils and the cold process method creates a product that contains moisturizing glycerin and rich emollients. It is vastly more pleasant experience than cleansing with a standard, mass produced bar made with petroleum oils that is too harsh for human skin.

Soapmaking is a craft that requires a little chemistry, a little artistry, and a little patience. Each bar gets special attention as part of our small batch artisanmanufacturing process.

About Handmade Soap

In the finished soap, 6% - 8%of the oils used to make the soap are still intact to nourish your skin. Combined with the glycerin that is also in the soap as a result of the natural saponification process, your skin will be soft and supple as well as clean!

About the Ingredients

Our basic soap recipe contains only whole natural ingredients, including high quality cold pressed extra virgin Olive Oil imported directly from Turkey.

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