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Grapefruit Essential Oil


Botanical Name:  citrus paradisi


Cold pressed from the rind of the fruit, Grapefruit oil is a very serious citrus oil. It has some bitterness and tartness, but is still sweet. This fruit is a hybrid of the Pomelo and Sweet Orange and was created in the West Indies in the early 19th century. Today about 9.4 tonnes of grapefruit are sold the world over, with more than half the production in China.

Grapefruit Technical Information

Non-therapeutic Uses:

Used as a flavoring, especially soft drinks. Candies and confections have also been made with grapefruit. It has also been implicated in use as a stain remover.

Fragrance Family: Citrus

Perfumery Note: Top

Fragrance Description: 

Tart, bright, citrusy, grapefruit is at once serious and sparkling.

Jen’s blending notes:

Grapefruit adds depth to citrus blends without adding heaviness. It mixes well with the very stately frankincense but can also brighten up a woodsy blend of patchouli or pine.

Jen’s soapmaking notes:

Most of the delicate components of Grapefruit oil burn off during soapmaking. Adding more oil to the mix does seem to help it stay around, however, as soap ages, the grapefruit essence fades noticeably.



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