Fresh Cut Roses Personalized Bath Trio Gift Set (24 fluid ounce)

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Fresh Cut Roses
Bath & Body Set

Product Overview

A bath lover's dream gift packed with intoxicating rose scented deliciousness.

  • PERSONALIZED Bath Trio Gift Set with your custom message. Great for gifts, special occasions and events. A memorable intoxicating rose gift as unique as the person who receives it
  • The scent captures the splendor of a newly blossomed rose
  • A BATH LOVER'S DREAM set of Bath Oil, Bath Salts, and Bubble Bath in a convenient pouch make a classy and useful gift for the most particular recipient
  • FULL SIZE 8 oz bottles of natural products made with plant based formulas
Three popular intoxicating rose scented bath products in one convenient gift pack. No travel sizes in this set, each bottle is a full 8 oz. Packed with deep floral deliciousness and frequently used products made with natural butters and oils, this is a gift giving selection that will be remembered as a truly useful gift. The items in this gift set can be used together - bath oil in the bath water or on skin or mixed with the bath salt for a scrub. Oil can be added to the bath with bubble bath for an extra luxurious spa experience. Set comes in a zippered vinyl pouch that can be reused for travel or carrying cosmetics.

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Newly Blossomed Rose

Stop and smell the roses!  Experience the intoxicating magic of the first rush of sweetness from a fresh bouquet. This fragrance captures the splendor of a newly blossomed rose.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review