Free Shipping Program

UPDATE 4/1/20 - Signature Required

It is with great sadness that the decision to add the Signature Required feature to our shipments was made.  However, as a small business, it has become impossible to fund the livelihood of the thieves who have infiltrated the shipping logistics system from end to end in our country. 

Rightfully, customers expect to be refunded when items they have ordered are not received. I know I do.  However, when items are shipped and delivered, but do not arrive, a theft of one sort of another has taken place. 

Signature Required handling will deter thieves internal to the shipping carriers due to the added level of accountability.  Likewise, the thieves who are stealing from us personally after packages are delivered will not find anything to take when packages are being held at a carrier location.  The Signature Required feature ensures that the carrier places the delivery in the hands of the intended customer.

It is unfortunate that such increased vigilance is required in order to prevent bad actors from stealing from you, my customers, and me.  After calculating the cost increase that would have to be put in place to compensate for the refunds we have had to issue, it became obvious that we would have to raise prices so high that no one would purchase the products.  While we realize that adding Signature Confirmation will also impact the number of orders we receive, it will allow us to continue to make the product available at reasonable prices.

This article explains several options for receiving packages that require a signature.

How to Sign For a Package Online (So You Don’t Have to Wait at Home)

PLEASE NOTE: Signing for a package electronically is equivalent to taking delivery.  No refunds are available for missing packages when utilizing the electronic signature confirmation process.


We love to ship via US Postal Service First Class and Priority Mail.  It is convenient for us and reliable for our customers!  

The Post Office has gotten creative in recent times and has implemented some new shipping options.  Programs like "If It Fits It Ships" and regional rates for standard sized boxes keep shipping affordable.

Postal Worker delivering mail on a city streetOh, and my postman Joe LOVES the smell of your orders in his truck, he says it makes him happy all day!  And his family loves the soap. 

Gift Shipments

Our shopping cart will allow shipment to multiple addresses on a single order.  For large gifts baskets, in order to ensure they arrive undamaged and looking fantastic, a separate box will be used for each gift basket even when shipping to the same address.  In the event that we can safely fit loose items into a gift shipment, we will do so.

Gift shipments are not guaranteed to be subject to shipping special offers unless specifically included.  Every effort will be made to indicate the applicability of special shipping offers during your shopping experience.

Shipping Policies

  • We offer FREE SHIPPING via USPS for all United States orders. We do not ship to PO boxes.
  • While we commit to ship within 3 business days, most orders ship within 48 hours. If a delay is experienced in our order processing, you will receive an email or phone notification.
  • For all orders, please allow 2-5 business days for USPS delivery.
  • Please note that orders placed after 3:00pm PST will be considered as being placed on the following business day.
  • Use the USPS Web site to track your package with the tracking number that is emailed to you. If you do not receive notification via email from USPS with that information, please contact us at
  • USPS does not deliver ground shipments on weekends or holidays. Do not include these days when estimating your expected delivery date.
  • We do NOT request or require a signature for any deliveries; however, if you are not home when your package arrives, it is solely up to your delivery person’s discretion whether or not to leave the package without a signature.