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Fir Oil

abiesalba-sliverfir.jpg  abiesbalsamea-balsamfir.jpg

Abies Alba                           Abies Balsamea

Botanical Name: Abies Balsamia and Abies Alba

Fir Oil Technical Information


Steam distilled from the needles of the Abies family of conifers, Fir Oil is the sharpest smelling, most refreshing of the pine scents. It has emotionally rejuvenating qualities. Fir trees of this species grow all over the world.

Non-therapeutic Uses:

Air fresheners and cleaners use this pine oil to leave a refreshed scent. Pine spray is often used at the holidays to when fresh branches are not possible. Used in the days before air freshener sprays in sachets to freshen the air and refresh the mind and spirit.

Fragrance Family:  Herbaceous
Perfumery Note: Middle

Fragrance Description: 

Jen’s blending notes:

Blends with citrus, woodsy, and minty oils as well as medicinal and herbaceous scents. I find that Fir oils tend to be rather single minded, but get along in a blend nicely.

Jen’s soapmaking notes:

Survives soapmaking exceedingly well. Be careful that other oils used in soap also survive, otherwise you will have a bar of pine cleaner.


Using a lot of it will slow trace.

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