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Face Scrub - Pamper and Smooth Your Face with Chamomile and Calendula

Reveal glowing, soft skin with this unique blend of organic botanicals chosen for their ability to exfoliate sensitive skin

Blossom to Bath Face Scrub is a natural face scrub that pampers and smooths skin.

About Facial Scrub

Regular exfoliating helps the skin keep itself clean and balanced. Scrubbing with crystallized substances like sugar or salt is too rough for facial skin. Use a tiny bit of this gentle formula to bring out your freshest, most glowing face.

Made of flowers and light facial oils, this scrub is a spa treat for your face. Gentle exfoliating allows fresh skin to be revealed without damage, while herbs and oils refresh and moisturize.

About the Ingredients

Chamomile, rose, and calendula powder bring skin softening gentle exfoliation. Mango butter provides just enough body to the mixture to allow it to be spread evenly, then melts into an emollient protective layer.

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