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Face Balm

Organic Face Balm - Deep Moisture for Glowing Skin

Replenish skin to a natural suppleness with this one of a kind deep moisturizer featuring a proprietary blend of essential oils and butters

Blossom to Bath Organic Face Balm is a potent intensive face balm that goes deep for glowing skin.

About Face Balm

A hydrating formula of butters and oils that won't clog pores but provides lasting moisture and protection. Packaged in a push up stick like a lip balm, the product can be applied easily in small amounts.

The butters and oils in this product are an excellent choice for daily moisture that lasts. Soft glowing skin results from a single use. The richness of the formula means that very little is needed to maintain moisturized, beautiful skin.

About the Ingredients

The plant powered oils in this balm were selected for their lack of stickiness, light weight, fast absorption, and richness. Although these oils are light, they are very moisturizing and soften skin all day. This combination of rich but lightweight oils makes a wonderful every day moisturizer.

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