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Eucalyptus Oil


Botanical Name:Eucalyptus Polybractea

Eucalyptus Oil Technical Information


Steam distilled from the blueish-grey leaves of the bushy gum tree native to New Zealand and Southeast Australia, this variety of Eucalyptus is called “Blue Mallee”. It has a very high concentration of oil in the leaves

Non-therapeutic Uses:

The water loving Eucalyptus was used as a natural eco-modifier to lower the water table of malaria infested parts of Africa, reducing the breeding grounds for disease carrying mosquitoes. The tree is hearty and is a favorite indoor plant all over the world.

Fragrance Family:  Fresh
Perfumery Note: Top

Fragrance Description: 

Antiseptic, camphorous, fresh, clean, herbaceous. The unmistakable scent of eucalyptus is associated with cleanness, clearing, and freshening. The Blue Mallee has a fine sweet, honey like note that makes it more complex than other varieties of eucalyptus.

Jen’s blending notes:

This oil can be used as the star of a blend supported by any other bright, fresh scent, or to add a boost of freshness to an herbaceous blend.

Jen’s soapmaking notes:

Like other oils of similar pine-y fresh character, eucalyptus tends to slow the trace process. Some of the finer notes will burn off if the mix gets very hot, but in general the scent holds well.


Will slow trace slightly

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