What is Flowersong - Our Craft


If flowers could sing
What sound would they bring,
Breezes of whispered praise?
An orchestra of pitch and phrase?
Swells of harmonies and tones?

I think, none of those

I think a flower's song would be
a lilting galloping melody,
vibrant and vital
yet delicately delightful,
whose echoes calm and soothe the ear
of lucky creatures that can hear
And we have but only to listen….

And we have but only to listen….

Brilliantly decorated flowers in their natural state sing to us with their amazing colors and fragrances. Their beauty is the plant calling to the creatures who help to complete the cycle of growth and regrowth.

Soap making is more than just a hobby or a business, it is a form of expression, like any craft. In some small way, Flowersong Soap Studio's mission is to provide a way to listen to the song of life any time by incorporating the very best of what the flowers and plants have to offer. Our daily churning through the cycle of growth and regrowth can be made more beautiful by the gifts of nature. Daily routine becomes a connection to natural beauty and benefit.

Flowersong makes the beauty and benefit of nature a harmonious part of every day.