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COVID-19 Update

Learn about soap!

Stay Healthy.

Keeping ourselves as healthy as possible is one way to support the immune system to combat harmful organisms of all kinds. Reducing the level of toxins introduced to our bodies via diet, supplements, and skin care may be one way to free up your immune system to apply more energy to defending against invaders.  Our products are clearly marked with the following information for each ingredient so you can make the best possible decision about what products are right for you:

  • the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database safety rating
  • classification of "natural", "naturally derived", "nature identical" or no natural classification

Our Promise.

As a manufacturing facility certified to process organic products, we made the decision years ago to always apply the cleanliness, sanitation, and safe handling practices required by the National Organics Program to ALL of our production processes. This means we use a bleach solution to sanitize all our work surfaces, equipment, and utensils and we prevent cross contamination by handling each ingredient with separate clean, sanitized utensils. In addition, we voluntarily register with the FDA and agree to comply with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices they recommend.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have closed our shop to any visitors. Shipments are being hand carried directly to shipper office drop offs to reduce the number of opportunities for exposure to infected personnel.

Our suppliers are experiencing sell-out conditions and shipping delays due to an extraordinary volume of orders for cosmetic ingredients and packaging. We update our web site as soon as our inventory is depleted. It is not possible to predict restock times in most cases, but many suppliers are estimating replenishment dates between May and July. Outside of items being out of stock due to material shortages, we do not have any plans to shut down our operation, and orders are currently shipping in 1-3 days.

Supporting Your Safety.

The CDC recommends frequent hand washing for personal protection. While we are currently sold out of bar soap, we have developed a Hand Cleaner (not a sanitizer, since that is a drug under FDA rules and requires clinical testing in order to sell commercially) and a Liquid Soap formula (Body Wash, Foaming Hand Wash) that are as natural as possible while being effective and gentle when used frequently.

Many of the local art shows and fairs that we normally participate in are moving to more creative, virtual venues (see Virtual First Friday). Since we have no “smell-o-vision” yet, choosing a great smelling product online is a challenge! While supplies last, we are adding a free set of perfume samplers of our top 15 fragrances to all orders over $25. The sampler is added to your order automatically, no action is needed.  If you just want to order the sampler, it can be found here

In order to promote the fun of stepping up to our booth at a craft show from the comfort of your home, we will be offering a “Flower Box” beauty box containing a sampling of products. These boxes are available any time, but will be offered at giant discounts during virtual art show times. Keep an eye out for announcements in our newsletter.

Update to Shipping Policy.

If you are ordering from a state/county/village that has ordered Lockdown/Shelter-in-Place/ or any other such order which Restricted/Limited Movement and you are aware that you cannot sign for the delivery, please contact us to HOLD your shipment. Please call FedEx/UPS/any other carrier for any service interruption to your shipping address.

We will not be offering refunds for returned or lost packages due to delivery issues.