Coriander Lemongrass

A sweet herbal fragrance that is lusciously refreshing.

Essential Oils:    Lemongrass   Coriander

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Lemongrass on its own is a very herbal and sweet scent.  It is best known as a flavoring in Asian dishes, where it adds a pungent lemon-type flavor that brings out the sweetnesss of sauces and vegetables.  


This combination is a mental power booster.  Coriander is wonderful for clarity and energy, while Lemongrass is balancing and promotes concentration.  Use this combination for your thoughtful times!

Skin Benefits

In cosmetics, lemongrass is also known to create an environment that allows skin to balance itself, making skin more beautiful by adding a resilient, toned feel.

Coriander's most beneficial aspect is that it is a natural agent for reducing water hardness.  Coriander attracts metals and keeps it occupied, neutralizing the action of metal that makes hard water harsh on your skin.  Coriander also contains some powerful anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents.  All over the world, coriander is known for its richness in Vitamins A, K, and C.  It is a valued spice in the dishes of many cultures because of the large volume of vitamins and minerals that are present in the raw herb.

Fragrance Notes

As a fragrance, coriander is very herbaceous, blending with the herbal nature of lemongrass very well.  It lends an earthy note to the grassy sweet lemongrass.  Corander is rather intense, so the relative lighter scent of lemongrass is a wonderful complement.

This combination is our most herbal and earthy fragrance.  Coriander lends a slight sweetness to the lemon notes of the lemongrass, making a smooth blend of base tones under a layer of herbal freshness.

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