Cedar Essential Oil

Cedar TreeBotanical Name: juniperus virginiana

Description:  Steam distilled from the sawdust and wood chips of the red cedar tree.  Cedars are native to North America and grow over 100ft!  The species is found worldwide and is the most often referenced tree in the Bible.

Cedar Technical Informaton

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Non-therapeutic Uses:

Used to make pencils, household goods, and repels insects.

Fragrance Family: woodsy
Perfumery Note:  base

Fragrance Description:

Cedar is aromatic and intoxicating to the senses, but has a calming quality.  It assists with meditation and dreams. The fragrance is very woody and slightly earthy.   Where pines have a elevated camphorous note to them, cedar has more of the nature of the forest floor in it.

Jen’s blending notes:

Like other earthy oils, Cedar can overpower the lighter fragrances if overused.  It is a great base note when spice is not desired.  Used in small amounts, cedar lends a “familiar” character to the blend due to its global use it is a very widely recognized scent. 

Jen’s soapmaking notes:

Mellows a bit during soapmaking, but outlasts the more fragile oils.   No observed acceleration, but sometimes has a light yellow or brownish color, which can be covered with titanium dioxide.