Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath
Is your most relaxing moment when you are up to your neck in bubbles and fragrance?

Linger on in your own private heavenly scented retreat

Lively, long lasting bubbles in a gentle plant based formula for maximum relaxation time

Relaxation in the name of the game with bubble bath. The bubbles last up to 2 hours and we included a generous portion of scent so that you can linger as long as you like in the tub.

Earthy and WoodsyEarthy and Woodsy
Does the rich complexity of the growing earth and forest call to your spirit?

Experience the essence of earth based elements in this collection of unapologetically deep fragrances

Is warm spiciness your most favored fragrance style?

Oriental aromas add depth and mystery to make this collection of fragrances fascinating and alluring

Is a magic garden of flowers the way to cheer your soul?

Stroll through our oasis of floral inspiration to find the scent that whispers to your spirit

Does a bubbly bright scent make your heart smile?

Delight in the cheerful perfume of good natured fruit essences

Is the way to your heart is through decadent indulgent aromas?

Enjoy a mouth watering feast of rich vanilla and other sweet treats

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