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Bergamot Oil


Botanical Name:Citrus Bergamia

Bergamot Oil Technical Information


Thought to be a hybrid of lemon and bitter orange, this unconventional citrus oil is usually cold pressed from the rind of the fruit of the bergamia tree, which grows almost exclusively in southern Italy. The fruit is not eaten on its own, as it is quite bitter, but the oil is unexpectedly sweet.

Non-therapeutic Uses:

Known as a key component of Earl Grey tea and Turkish Delight flavoring, Bergamot is used to add citrus notes to perfumes without adding sticky sweetness. It is also used to scent snuff and tobacco. A version grows in North America that is used ceremonially by the indigenous tribes.

Fragrance Family:  Citrus
Perfumery Note:  Top

Fragrance Description: 

Citrus and herbaceous, it has bitter characteristics and a spicy side that make it a complex and unusual citrus.

Jen’s blending notes:

Bergamot is among the most difficult to match due to the unusual combination of bitter, sweet, and spicy. Citrus, herbaceous florals like geranium and hearty lavender, and the less delicate florals are good companions.

Jen’s soapmaking notes:

The sweet notes of bergamot almost completely burn off during soapmaking. However, the strategic inclusion of it for the spice and herbaceous notes can add depth to the resulting product.


No noticeable effect on trace.

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