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Bath Salt Soak - Indulgent Soak for Softness and Relaxation

Scented epsom salts for a luxurious soaking experience

Detox with a mineral bath. Blossom to Bath Bath Salt Soak is a detoxifying epsom salt blend that is a versatile soaking aid.

About Bath Salt Soak

Perfect for soaking away stress and tension, this combination of Epsom salts and Mineral Salt makes any bath a spa treat.

Dissolves quickly under running water to create a mineral infused soaking solution. Detox and de-stress with natural minerals and tntalizing fragrance.

About the Ingredients

Mineral salts have been used for soaking for centuries. People traveled to experience the mineral waters of different areas of the world. Epsom salts are sought after for their detoxifying qualities. Our sea salt is harvested from the Pacific Ocean and dried naturally to preserve the mineral content.

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) What It Is: Granular crystals that dissolve easily in water.
How It's Used: Added to Bath Bombs for softening the bath water.
How It's Made: Although Magnesium Sulfate does occur in nature (notably in Epsom, England), Epsom Salts are typically synthesized for commercial use, since purification of the naturally occurring salts would require more processing and chemical treatment than is practical.
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Nature Identical
Sodium Chloride (Pacific Sea Salt) What It Is: A crystalline solid that can be granular or chunky,it is free of anti caking agents and other additives, and is approved to be used in Certified Organic products.
How It's Used: Added to bath bombs and bath salts to soften water.
How It's Made: Harvested from drying pools of water drawn from the Pacific Ocean, Pacific Sea Salt is cleaned of impurities using a proprietary method.
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