About the Natural Fragrances

About the Natural Fragrances

The fragrances and fragrance blends used in our products range from single, classic notes to original blends.  Inspiration for our fragrances come from customer requests, trends, and the unique effects of the soapmaking process on natural ingredients.

We use both natural essential oils and fragrance oils in our soaps.  Our essential oil blends are all totally original scents.

In creating these fragrances, there is a bit of technology, lore, and curiosity to explore the fascinating world of blending essential oils.fragrancebanner.jpg

  • Technology allows access to the materials of the entire planet so that a selection of skin loving, great smelling, natural ingredients are available.  
  • The lore of hundreds of generations of aromatherapy and herbal knowledge are applied via this technology to identify the oils that are best suited for the cosmetic purposes of our products, and warn of those that should not be used!  
  • Finally, there is the curiosity about what smells good together that is the perfumer's art, a never ending foray into scientific exploration of beauty, nuance, and chemicals.

The complex interactions of the fragrances in the oils is very much a situation where the finished product is more than the sum of the parts. In this regard, the development of these fragrances (where they are blended) feels like a creative process.

The set of oils used in our products are found in traditional wisdom to be of cosmetic value.  Even with this subset of all the known essential oils, amazingly varied combinations exist.  You will find fruity, herbal, floral, and minty blends, from the very simple to the surprisingly complex.