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About our Soap

Freshly cut handmade soap Phoenix, AZ / natural soaps Phoenix, AZ

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Our mission is to make the beauty and benefit of nature a harmonious part of every day. 


  • Gently cleanses without stripping or stressing skin
  • Cold process method retains moisturizing glycerin and rich emollients
  • All vegetable oil recipe - palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter
  • Small batch handcrafted cold process soap - each bar has a unique swirl
  • Each bar is at least 4 oz.

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What is "soap"?

Chemically, soap is a salt.  Really?  Yes.  Like table salt that you eat.  Read more here

How is soap made?


There are basically two methods, hot process and cold process.  All Flowersong soap products are made using the cold process method.

Some commercial soaps are also made using this method, but the natural product is processed for the convenience of manufacturing, and a key ingredient (glycerin) is removed. Other mass produced "bath bars" are not really soap, and have a different effect on your skin from soap. Read more about the differences. 

Making soap is a bit like baking bread. There is an art to the selection and assembly of the raw materials.  As with bread, time and heat are applied, and a wonderful natural reaction takes place yielding a different substance from the original ingredients. Here are some details of the chemistry of what soap and other cleaners are made of.


What is your soap made from?

Soap in packagingNatural vegetable ingredients go into this luxurious, gentle soap - palm, coconut, and olive oils plus cocoa butter.  Bars are colored with natural coloring agents and additives like clay, ground up plants for exfoliating, and mineral pigments.  The base oils are culinary grade.  This is the best way to keep costs reasonable while still using high quality ingredients.

Why use natural soap?

Read more about why using natural soap is important every day.  

A note to Arizona residents

The recipe for Flowersong Soap was created for the hard water we have in our beautiful desert state.   It bubbles lots despite the hardness.