About Bath Bombs

Drop a Bath Bomb in the bath and watch the show!  

Simple ingredients for a wonderful aromatherapy bath - no clean up at the end! 

Each bomb is 3.5 oz, plenty for a leisurely bath!

Bath Bomb Shapes

We offer 2 shapes of bath bombs, as shown below.

  flower-bomb2-122715.jpg heart-bomb-122715.jpg   

Using Bath Bombs

Drop one of these bombs your tub - it fizzes and swirls and makes an underwater volcano.

Bath bombs are more than just fun to use. When you drop one in your bath, the ingredients of the bath bomb are dispersed in the water evenly and in the proper amounts. This is especially important when it comes to essential oils and fragrance oils, which should always be dispersed for use on skin.  The combination of baking soda, salt, and citric acid is a triple power house of softening and restoration for your skin. When combined with the aromatherapy of the essential oils, you can feel good about taking your "me" time in the bath! 

And clean up is a snap!  Since there is no oil and no colorants added to our bath bombs, there is no ring and no scrubbing after your bath.  View all our bath bombs here.


Fill the tub with warm water to your liking, then add the bath bomb and enjoy the fizz and fragrance for up to one hour.


agua (distilled water), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, magnesium sulfate (espom salts), essential oils (see products for details) or fragrance oils.

About the Ingredients

The use of Baking Soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, in the bath is a well known home remedy for irritated, dry skin.  Baking soda also has TONS of other uses - this article has a pretty complete description.  In bath bombs, baking soda is used to soften the water and skin.  

Citric acid gives your skin a healthy glow when used in proper amounts.  The action of acid on the skin helps the natural process of sloughing off the cells that are ready to be shed.  See the blog  "What does clean mean?" for a discussion on our outside layers of skin, and this article on Citric Acid and skin from healthy lifestyle web site LiveStrong.  

Espom dissolved in water is a traditional way to deliver the benefits of the salt our skin needs to the outer layers.  Humans are made with lots of salt water, and our skin is one of the organs that knows how to absorb and use this vital substance for nourishing itself.  

This balanced recipe is a concotion that allows your natural skin beauty to shine!  

As you enjoy the beauty benefits and fun of bath bombs, please keep in mind that all of the ingredients are chemicals, including the essential oils.  This product is intended to be used on the body in combination with large amounts of water.  These bath bombs can also be used as a scrub, but should always be used in a bath with plenty of water available.  DO NOT USE ON YOUR FACE.  When used according to the instructions, the result of using yummy smelling bath bombs in your bath is a refreshed, glowing outer layer!