Hand Sanitizer

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Hand Sanitizer

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Highest EWG: 5Made in USA:100%Sustainable:95%
Naturally Derived:

Vegan Friendly:100%Certified Organic:0%

Sanitize and kill germs on hands anytime, anywhere

  • GENTLY CLEANSES with 75% isopropyl alcohol for maximum germ killing action. Complies with WHO recommendations for keeping hands clean when soap and water are not available
  • MOISTURIZES AND SOFTENS with pure vegetable based Glycerin
  • Fragrance free

Using Hand Sanitizer

When hands need cleansing, but soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer is a great option to kill germs. Keeping hands clean and germ free is a key preventative measure for stopping the spread of germs via hand contact. This liquid spray antiseptic does not need to be rinsed.

Manufactured according to the World Health Organization's recommendation for antiseptic hand sanitizer, this scent free sanitizer is a crucial part of protecting yourself from the spread of germs when regular hand washing with soap and water is not an option.



Isopropyl Alcohol, Water, Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide.

About the Ingredients

Our refreshing formula contains 75% isopropyl alcohol according to the World Health Organization recommendations for maximum cleaning of hands. With moisturizing from vegetable based Glycerin.

isopropanolWhat It Is: A clear watery liquid with a distinct alcohol odor.
How It's Used: Add astringency to cosmetic preparations.
How It's Made: Water and propene are hydrolyzed, then distilled to extract the alcohol.
EWG: 1
WaterWhat It Is: Distilled Water is used as the medium for containing cosmetic preparations. It is a universal solvent, meaning that most things will combine with it.
How It's Used: Water hydrates skin and helps create spreadable formulas.
How It's Made: Made by boiling then capturing the pure H20 result, distilled water is free of impurities, minerals, and other dissolved substances typically found in ground or natural water.
EWG: 1
Hydrogen PeroxideWhat It Is: Hydrogen Peroxide when undiluted is a pale blue viscous liquid. It is normally sold diluted and appears clear and water-like.
How It's Used: It is used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent, and antiseptic. Hydrogen Peroxide is found in nature in the human body. It is the natural poison that white blood cells use in tiny amounts to engulf and to kill invading entities.
How It's Made: Manufactured by a series of chemical reactions, Hydrogen Peroxide is exclusively synthesized in modern times.
EWG: 5
Vegetable GlycerinWhat It Is: A thick clear gel like moisturizer and solvent.
How It's Used: Adds a "gliding" feel to lotions and other skin care preparations. It is also used to disperse powders in both oil and water. Glycerin is a humectant (draws moisture to the skin) and lubricant.
How It's Made: Glycerin is extracted from vegetable oils using hydrolysis to separate glycerin molecules from the longer fatty acid chains. It is then processed to concentrate and purify the final product.
EWG: 2
Naturally Derived



Place enough product on hands to cover all surfaces. Rub hands together until dry. Supervise children under 6 years of age when using this product to avoid swallowing.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review