Gardenia Blossom Botanical Bath Salts - Add Luxury And Minerals To The Bath with a Rousing Floral Scent

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Gardenia Blossom
Botanical Bath Salts

Product Overview

Floating flowers and spa quality salts in a rich sweet floral scented bath is your dream escape.

A hand selected variety of skin loving botanicals and mineral rich salts for a unique, luxurious soaking experience

Gardenia Blossom Botanical Bath Salts is a blend of bath salts that add luxury and minerals to the bath with a rousing floral scent.

  • SPA LUXURY bath soak with skin pampering minerals in Himalayan Pink Salt and Pacific Ocean Sea Salt
  • Treat yourself to a feast of fragrance and flowers
  • Sweet Gardenia in a puff of blooming summer flowers

Sweet Summer Flowers

Sweet rich gardenia shines through a gorgeous, powdery base of fragrant summer flowers in full bloom.

What's in Botanical Bath Salts ?

Highest EWG: Made in USA:64%Sustainable:96%
Natural: 53%
Nature Identical: 43%
Vegan Friendly:96%Certified Organic:0%

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Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate), Sea Salt, fragrance, Rose Petals and Flowers*, Lavender Flowers*, Chamomile Flowers*, Jasmine Flowers.*Organic Ingredient

About the Ingredients Specific to Gardenia Blossom Botanical Bath Salts

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