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  • SunUp Brewing Co Two Armadillos Double IPA - Soul of the Forest fragrance handmade beer soap

Made in a block shape, this compact form is easy to hold and fits well on small shower shelves.  Each bar weighs at least 4 oz. Read more about block soap.  4OZ BARS ARE ENOUGH FOR 3 WEEKS OF SHOWERS FOR ONE PERSON.  


Body cleansing: Can be used in the bath or shower with a washcloth, scrub brush, scrunchie, exfoliating pad, or any implement used to perform the mechanics of getting clean.  Suitable for facial use.  Lather up the implement and apply to skin, spreading bubbles over the surface of skin. Rinse.

Hand cleansing: rub soap between hands until lathered.  Rub hands together to spread suds for 30 seconds.  Rinse.

ALWAYS STORE HANDMADE SOAP SO THAT IT DRIES COMPLETELY BETWEEN USES.  Handmade soap is full of gentle ingredients that melt away when left in a puddle of water.


sodium palmate, sodium olivate, sodium cocoate, sodium cocoa butterate, fragrance, iron oxide for color, glitter.

About the Ingredients

Our traditional recipe of handmade soap is a time tested formula. The basic vegetable oils are culinary quality and sourced from trusted suppliers.  In our finished soap, about 6% of the oils used to make the soap are still intact to nourish your skin. Combined with the natural glycerin that is also in the soap as a result of the natural saponification process, your skin will be soft and supple as well as clean!