Natural Deodorant

Tested in the Arizona Heat

I had the same question as most people.

Natural Deodorant – does that stuff work? 

The first day using the new formula outside the house, I brought along my antiperspirant for backup – just in case.

That was quite a day, as it turned out, it was the PERFECT day for a "deodorant test".  I locked my keys in my car, had to wait 45 minutes for an Uber. Then, once home, waited an hour for a locksmith and another hour while he tried to break into my (apparently very secure) house. 

All together about 4 hours.

It was July in Phoenix at 112 degrees.  I was in a suit and heels.

locksmithbill-072116.jpg     weather-072116.jpg     jeninasuit.jpg

Needless to say, I completely forgot about the deodorant test.  And when I say completely forgot, I mean it never quit working.  When I realized I had not had any issues after a day like that, I knew I had to share this product with my customers.  

Since then, I have had many people tell me that the Flowersong formula is the only one they can find that is not irritating, is all natural, and actually works.

It never gets used, but I still have that antiperspirant.....   just in case......