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Our soap room is full of soaps curing to perfection.  Here are some sneak peaks at future products

Post Holiday Soap Fest

8 new regular fragrances and 6 new natural ones.  Plus we added some scrubbie soaps to the mix, a customer request!



October was a busy month!

We ran a batch of 300 soaps including the new florals, Christmas fragrances, and some new flavors - all will be ready Nov 12 or so.


6 New Fragrances

Adding some more fantastic fragrances to the product line in November.  These first batches smell wonderful!  They will be ready November 15.

Here are the small batches from top left to lower right: White Tea and Ginger, Pink Daisy and Goji Berry, Country Garden, Champagne Pear, Asian Pear and White Lily, and Mango Sorbet.


And they are curing on the racks right now!



Christmas is Coming!

Christmas starts early in the soap studio - it takes a month to cure the soaps, and people are shopping in November!  We have started publishing the fragrances already, but most of these are not ready until November 13. These soaps are all listed in our our Winter Holiday section.

christmasracks.jpg racks3.jpg

Shown here from top left to bottom right - Yule, Pomegranite Tinselberry, Sugar Plum Faerie, Cookie Clause, Bayberry, and Pepperberry,



Small batches of some more scents from left to right - Christmas Apple Streusel, Midwinter Magic, Christmas Cabin, Pumpkin Apply Butter, another version of Yule, and Winter Weekend.







YULE scent


 New Floral Fragrances

We are very excited about our new florals - 13 of them altogether.  The first batches are currently shipping, but we added inventory recently.  Here are the batches.

From the top down: Blooming Jasmine, Very Sexy, Plumeria, Tiger Lily, Alow and White Lilac, Dance for Me, Japanese Cherry Blossom, French Market, White Sage and Sea Salt, Chamomile, and Fresh Cut Roses. (not shown Glitter and Weekend in Maui)



Fall Fragrances

This fall, we introduce a new line of soaps and products that feature a select set of fragrance oils.  Some wonderful new scents and decorations jazz up our tried and true soap - the result is sure to get you in the mood for the season!

For fall, we have a collection of spicy, fresh, and warm scents.  Here is a preview!

Frosted Orchard  (smells exactly like an Apple Struesel cake) and Huntsman's Cabin (pine and warm spices)


Close up of Frosted Orchard


Part of the collection of 10 new soaps