Apple Barrel Scented Oil - Sweet Apples and Soft Woody Tones - Fragrance for Your Home

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Apple Barrel Scented Oil

Pure fragrance to scent your home and personal space.

This bright fresh apple scent smells like a barrel full of the sweetest, juiciest apples you have ever tasted.  It combines fresh apple fragrance with notes of woodsy fresh oak leaves and oak moss.

Using Scented Oils

Use in a diffuser for room fragrancing, on a cotton ball for personal space fragrance, or in a potpourri arrangement.

Extend your favorite fragrance into the rooms of your home or office. Use these oils to refresh your enjoyment of the scent you love in the bath. Fragrance is a powerful memory trigger, and reinforcing the scent that was present at the start of the new day is an emotional recharge for our mind and attitude.


Add a few drops to your favorite diffuser, light bulb ring, or potpourri ingredients to scent an entire room. Dab a few drops on a cotton ball in the morning to include in a small baggie in your purse to scent it all day. Use the cotton ball at work to keep your personal environment uniquely scented. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY



About the Ingredients

Each vial contains the undiluted fragrances that are used in our bath and body products.

Smells like a barrel full of sweet, juicy apples. Scent a room or your personal space with your favorite fragrance.