Almond Nectar Perfume Spray - Portable Personal Scent

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Almond Nectar Perfume Spray

Portable fragrance for convenient scent enjoyment.

A sohisticated nutty scent with notes of cherry, coconut, clove and vanilla. A delightfully sweet and deep fragrance.

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Using Perfume Spray

Our perfume sprays come in a convenient purse size so you can journey through your day and never be without fragrance!

Express your mood, personality, or love of scent. Choose classic essential oils, rich sweet florals, or sophisticated spice.


Apply at pulse points for lasting fragrance.


Isopropyl Alcohol, fragrance.

About the Ingredients

Our fragrances are mixed with alcohol to promote even distribution on the skin.

Sweet, rich nutty sophistication with hints of cherry and vanilla. Personal scent that travels through the day with you.