Almond Lip Scrub - Classic Almond Smooth Nuttiness - For Smooth Soft Lips

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Using Lip Scrubs

As part of a total lip care routine, use lip balm daily and exfoliate at most twice a week.

Lip scrubs are a yummy way to keep lips smooth, flake free, and conditioned.


Apply to lips and gently rub lips together. Tissue off any remaining sugar. Use once or twice a week. Apply lip balm following exfoliation.


White Sugar, Turbinado Sugar, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Mango Seed Butter*, flavor oil, Vitamin E.*Organic Ingredient

About the Ingredients

Mango Butter is used to hydrate lips and hold the scrub granules in place while massaging the lips. Jojoba Oil is a non-comedogenic oil with fantastic deep hydrating properties for the sensitive skin of the lips. Both large and small granules of sugar are used to provide gentle exfoliation